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Master 1 Lie Detection Course

The Let’s-Live Coaching – Human Lie Detection and Deception Leakage – Master 1 Life Coaching Course.

The Course lays the foundation in the science of deception, body language, and language precision. This course is carefully designed to empower and equip professionals with contemporary and effective techniques to become experts in lie detection and deception leakage.

The Master 1 – Lie Detection Course enables professionals to detect lies in the workplace, relationships at home and in any social situation. This unique one day course gives any professional an edge in the market place and beyond.

In the Master 1 course you will learn:

• How to spot a lie
• How to “read” people
• Why people lie and how to counter act the lies
• How to get a straight and honest answer from anyone
• How to structure your language to always get the truth
• How to discover the other person’s true beliefs and thoughts

The Master 1- Lie Detection Course covers a comprehensive introduction to the following principles and Disciplines:

Non-verbal Communication, Body Language, Facial Action Coding System (FACS), Microexpressions and Science, NLP Eye Patterns, NLP language Precision ,The Silent Talker Lie Detector.

The Lie Detection and Deception Master 1 Course content:

• Mind Games
• Body Language
• Silent Language
• Signs of Deception
• Tricks Of The Trade
• Indication of Deceit
• Psychological Profile
• Interpersonal Interactions
• Consistency and Contradiction
• Becoming a Human Lie Detector
• Three Attack –Sequence Primers
• Advanced Techniques For Getting The Truth
• Foundation work in Microexpression Coding and Science
• Tactics For Detecting Deceit and Gathering information In Conversations

More specifically the Master 1 – Lie Detection course material is based on the study and work of:

DR. Paul Ekman, DR. Richard Bandler, William S. Condon, DR. John Mordecai Gottman, DR. Julie Schwartz, Malcolm T. Gladwell, Francois Janse van Rensburg, John Grinder, Milton H. Erickson.

Human Lie Detection Master 1 Course:

Foot note:

Becoming a Human Lie Detector will not only make it easier to enjoy absolute honesty around you, but it can also assist the person lying to you to deal with the things they are not completely honest about when it comes out in the open.

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